Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Costco Proposed Settlement of Class Action

Just a little FYI...

Costco - Notice of Pendency and Proposed Settlement of Class Action ("Notice") - If you're a member of Costco, this might benefit you.

Here are some broad strokes:
  • "If you have been a Costco member at any time since March 1, 2001, you may be entitled to benefits from a class action settlement."

  • "The Complaint alleges that Costco members who pay an annual membership fee to renew their Costco memberships after their expiration date has passed received a renewal membership term of 12 months beginning from the previous expiration date, instead of the date on which they paid their renewal fee. For example, if a Costco membership expired on January 31, 2008, and the Costco member renewed the membership 2 months later on March 31, 2008, the members renewal membership would expire on January 31, 2009, not March 31, 2009."

  • "Costco members who renewed their memberships 3 months or more after their previous expiration date will receive 3 months of free membership. The value of this benefit is $12.50 or $25.00, depending on the type of membership."


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

We only have a Sam's Club, which makes me wonder if they'll be next?