Thursday, August 16, 2007

100 Things About Me

What Works For Us has called me out. I failed to honor the tradition to post 100 things about myself at the time of my 100th post.

Doh!! goes. Feel free to skip to the next post, though :-D

  1. I'm a Virgo.
  2. I'm either a real Virgo, or slightly OCD.
  3. I wash my hands often.
  4. My son's a Virgo.
  5. My husband's a Leo.
  6. I like my husband's family, and I'm not just saying that because they may (or do) read this blog.
  7. I like to cook.
  8. I like to bake more than I like to cook.
  9. I like trying out new recipes; I don't always enjoy eating the food produced by new recipes.
  10. I had a cat for 15 years before she passed away.
  11. Whenever I hear my son's toy with a bell, I think of her.
  12. My family is from Chile.
  13. I've been there 3 times, but I only remember 2 visits.
  14. We will go to Patagonia as a family one day. No question.
  15. Our favorite vacation spots: Bangkok, Thailand; Kauai, Hawaii; London, England; Spain.
  16. We've been to Tibet and tasted yak butter tea and yak in a stir fry; I prefer the latter.
  17. My favorite liqueur: Baileys Irish Cream
  18. A prior bad relationship started on a date where our windshield hit a pigeon on a freeway. It died.
  19. I saw Oingo Boingo perform their final concert on Halloween
  20. I love soundtracks (i.e., scores) to movies. The Piano, The Mission, The Nightmare Before Christmas come to mind.
  21. I know a lot of the lyrics to a lot of recent Disney movies prior to Pocahantas. Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.
  22. The first time I met my husband, I was a bit preoccupied feeling nauseous to notice him. We were on a company boat cruise (I went with a friend who worked at his company) and I happened to skipped lunch that day.
  23. I get nauseous if I skip a meal. My husband always reminds me to eat...just in case. Self-preservation.
  24. When we went on our first date, I had a feeling we'd end up together. This was the first and last time I felt this.
  25. We had our first date almost 7 years ago.
  26. We still talk to each other a lot about everything and nothing.
  27. He's my best friend.
  28. I'm not a touchy-feely sentimental type.
  29. I have been accused of being too blunt.
  30. I have been accused of being too serious.
  31. I have been accused of being too quiet.
  32. I have been accused of not having much to say.
  33. The last was not said by people who read this blog.
  34. In unfamiliar surroundings, I don't speak much unless I feel I have something valuable to say.
  35. This blog is obviously not subject to #34.
  36. When I say something laugh-out-loud funny, people seem shocked.
  37. WTF?!? I'm funny!!
  38. I have only gotten wiser with age.
  39. I have become more compromising with marriage.
  40. I have become more patient with parenthood.
  41. I don't question poop when it comes from my son.
  42. I now understand what unconditional love is.
  43. When my son put his hand into a bowl of food, my husband stuck the entire hand in his mouth to avoid getting food everywhere.
  44. My husband now knows what unconditional love is.
  45. Often, when I move, my joints crack.
  46. I bore easily.
  47. I like trying new things.
  48. I like reading about new things.
  49. I am currently reading at least 6 books.
  50. I have read all of the Harry Potter series.
  51. I went through Harry Potter withdrawls when I finished the last book.
  52. I track all of my favorite blogs with Bloglines.
  53. I'm a geek.
  54. I love a smart man. And I love it when my husband comes out of nowhere with a heavy dose of information and knowledge. Purrr...
  55. I have a degree in psychology.
  56. I was employed as an accountant.
  57. I do NOT like drama in my life.
  58. My husband and I planned our wedding in 6-8 weeks.
  59. Our friends and family thought we meant "of the following year."
  60. They were quite annoyed when we corrected them.
  61. I'm sure everyone thought I was pregnant.
  62. I made sure to let everyone know I was drinking a cocktail (or 10) at the wedding so they'd know I wasn't.
  63. We really enjoyed our wedding.
  64. I don't believe in wasting calories on bad food.
  65. I REALLY don't believe in wasting calories on bad desserts.
  66. I'm always curious.
  67. I love to learn new things.
  68. I love to share valuable information.
  69. When posed a question that I don't know the answer to, I'm inclined to research the answer.
  70. I've been accused of sharing too much researched information at work. In all fairness, they DID ask!
  71. My hair was thick and straight as a child.
  72. I cut my own bangs when I was 10...without a mirror...because it seemed like it'd be easy. BIG mistake.
  73. My grandmother cut my hair once: left it long (almost to my waist), and cut the top part (e.g., at or above the ear) into a short cut (like a bob). When it didn't work out, we went somewhere to have the top part only permed. I looked like I had a poodle on my head.
  74. I will never perm my hair again.
  75. I doubt I'd ever cry at a bad hair cut because I know it could probably be much worse.
  76. These days, I make no excuses about paying well to get a good cut.
  77. As I've aged, my hair has become thick and wavy. Not a good combination.
  78. I can only use a hair dryer to dry my hair...I have no idea how "styling" works with it.
  79. I'm 5 feet tall.
  80. I forget how short I am until I see myself in pictures with others.
  81. I come from a short family.
  82. I hope my son's at least as tall as my husband (5'7").
  83. I learned to play the flute in school when I was 11.
  84. I probably had bad technique because when I played for more than 20 minutes straight, my index finger started to turn blue.
  85. I was a terrible flute player becuase I never practiced (see #84)
  86. I played through high school despite my mediocrity because I wanted to be in the marching band.
  87. I hated P.E. (aka gym), and the marching band got me out of it :-)
  88. I was raised by my mother and grandmother at different times (never together).
  89. My grandmother and mother, in my experience, have either gotten along really well or can't speak to each other.
  90. I have a half sister, but was mostly raised as an only child.
  91. I watched a lot of TV.
  92. I want a sibling for Boogie so he's not an only child.
  93. I'm will to consider adopting one day.
  94. I'm on the fence about getting a pet again; it's hard work and #11 is hard to cope with.
  95. I prefer hot showers.
  96. I long for back rubs...always.
  97. I don't have a favorite color. I like dark colors (e.g., green, burgundy, brown).
  98. I never used to wear red because I thought it too bold.
  99. Perhaps I've gotten bolder.
  100. A just result of being older.


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! This was so entertaining!

AND - I can actually relate to most of these. I think we're a lot alike Meta!

MetaMommy said...

Agreed...I could relate to several of your 100, too :-)