Sunday, August 5, 2007

Who is This "Rockin' Girl Blogger" You Speak Of?

Who? Wha? Me?!?

Oh, stop! How exciting :-D

What Works For Us has awarded me with the...dare I say it...Rockin' Girl Blogger!

Well, I just can't thank you enough for thinking of my little ol' blog. I'd toss it back your way, but that'd make for a busy day on your end, I suspect. Ping, pong, ping, pong.

I digress.

In keeping with the rules, my 5 picks:

Heather & Renee at EnviroMom - 2 Portland moms learning and sharing on their journey to "green" pastures with their families.

Christina at Christina Shaver - Cuz she's a mom, and she's sassy despite, if not because of it. That and she wrote a review on environmentally friendly feminine hygene products. Priceless.

Adrienne at Baby Toolkit - Geek parents' tips, reviews, suggestions, theories, and reminders on all things baby, though not all in that order. Nothing quite like a geek write-up to put it all in perspective.

Tea at Tea and Cookies - Beautiful, wonderful, delicious, thoughtful, and words at their finest.

Why Mommy at Toddler Planet - Working hard to spread the word on IBC (inflammatory breast cancer) while undergoing treatment and loving her family. She's a true paragon.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my. You are too kind! I'm not entirely sure what this is all about, but I can tell you that never in my life has anyone referred to me as 'rockin.' Can I get a badge to wear to my high school reunion? Thanks, MM!

Heather (& Renee)

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you, MetaMom! And may I say, I think YOU ROCK too!

Tea said...

I am honored to be in such rockin' company--and think you're pretty rockin' yourself. Thanks for thinking of me!