Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tony Bourdain vs Parenthood

So, I'm a little food obsessed. Making, eating,'s all good fun. We also watch our fair share of Food TV, as well as food shows on PBS, the Travel Channel, etc. As a result, we know of several celebrity chefs. One of our favorites is Anthony Bourdain. His shows, most recently No Reservations, are a lot more raw and real than so many other travel or food shows. He may not show us how to cook, but he shows us how to live through food...and we enjoy living vicariously though his adventures. But one thing I never thought I'd hear about him: Bourdain has fathered a wee little baby girl. He's a tall, skinny, smoking, drinking, rough-around-the-edges type. He's gruff, or at least he likes to play off like he is. And the kitchen environment that he thrived in per his Kitchen Confidential gives me pause for thought; is he really now a dad?!?

So it seems. Wee little Ariane born April 9, 2007. Ah, he'll make a foodie out of her...I just know it :-)

Hat tip: Gastrokid