Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Assembling Your Home's Emergency Kit

Before our little sunshine was born, I assembled an emergency kit for each of our cars, and one for our home. Unfortunately, I've gotten lazy and I haven't updated them, despite the new and different needs of our (almost) toddler. I must get on that.

If you're thinking of assembling or updating your home's emergency kit, a friend recently pointed this fella out to me.

Emergency Food Kit from Costco - $114.99

Basic preparation will impact the probability of your family’s survival in an emergency. Delicious and Easy to Prepare. Each bucket contains 275 servings of Pre-mixed and Pre-seasoned 100 % Vegetarian and Vitamin Fortified food for you and your family. With a 20 year long shelf life, this kit is perfect for the preparation of natural disasters such as hurricane, tornado, earthquakes or even a camping/hunting trip.

Easy to prepare - 275 servings - Sealed in convenient Weather-Proof Bucket for Easy Transport
  • 30 Servings - Potato Bakon
  • 25 Servings - Corn Chowder
  • 25 Servings - Ala King
  • 25 Servings - Cacciatore
  • 25 Servings - Western Stew
  • 45 Servings - Whey Milk
  • 25 Servings - Blueberry Pancakes
  • 25 Servings - Barley Vegetable
  • Total Weight: 23 lbs.0
Mmm...pancakes. I hope there's syrup in there.