Saturday, August 18, 2007

Health Benefits of Alcohol, You Say?

My husband and his sisters all learned a valuable food tip from their mum. Alcohol makes food taste better. And true to that, no alcohol goes to waste in any of their households.

After tasting and experimenting, I fully agree. I grew up eating a stew that my husband found rather bland. So I tinkered with the recipe and replaced 1 of the 6 cups of broth with white wine, added some salt, and it's delicious. The taste is similar enough to be my comfort food, yet much more flavorful.

For a dessert topping, his mum once pureed a can of fruit (e.g., apricots) and added some cointreau. Superb!!

Now, a reason to rejoice. Men's Health says:

"Make fresh berries even healthier by storing them in rum or vodka, say USDA scientists. After dunking strawberries and blackberries in alcohol, the researchers found that soaking the fruits in liquor increased their levels of disease-fighting antioxidants. They aren't sure whether booze boosts the antioxidants' power, but they do know the effect yileds more ammo against oxidative cell damage - a common cause of cancer."