Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Rain in Ireland Falls Mainly in the Plains

As a Los Angeles native, I know a certain kind of weather pattern. When there's sun, it's here to stay (this year, it's been with us all year). When it rains, the streets flood. When it hails, look for Haley's Comet...that's how often it happens. When it snows, look for the film crew nearby that got carried away with the silly effects. There's a constancy about the weather, which is likely why so many people move to and stay in LA. That and the traffic...everyone loves traffic :-P

Ireland is different. Within 10 minutes I've seen:
  • Sunny with blue skies
  • Dark skies with ominous clouds
  • Torrential rain
  • Sunny with blue skies...and a muddy field
Sitting in my mother-in-law's kitchen, I go from warm to cold to hot to confused. It's strange, but entertaining. The weather is a source of entertainment! I'm sure it's like this in other parts of the world, but I spend most of my living time (i.e., not fast-paced vacation time which is always rushed) in LA or Dublin. Hence, I can't help but compare the two. And having such little experience with varieties in weather, I'm entertained by it all. I'm sure if I lived here, I'd come to appreciate the sun a lot more, and I'd groan a bit more at the rain. But for now, I'm just enjoying the variety in nature that provides the lush, green countryside that the grazing cattle casually feast on.


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

wow, it sounds so beautiful! you should take some cool pics to post!