Monday, August 20, 2007

Just Hanging Around

I can't resist.

Dawn provides a list of frugal ideas on decorating your bare walls, keeping in mind to "hang what you love."

To those of you who love, and are now concerned about the well-being of MetaBaby, worry not. We will not be duct taping our child to the wall. Truth be told, we already have something over the fireplace, and he just wouldn't look right above the sofa. If we move, however, we will be revisiting all decorating options :-)


Dawn said...

I think the best part is the kid is just being a kid and enjoying life as long as 'ducky' is there.

MetaMommy said...

You're right...she's so calm about it. It's absurdly funny.

Amber said...

that's too cute and too funny all wrapped in one:)

God Bless,