Saturday, August 11, 2007

Earthquakes in LA

I'm sure my husband's pretty happy we weren't in Los Angeles right about now.

A 4.6 magnitude earthquake at 12:58 AM on August 9 magnitude occurred 3 miles NNW of Chatsworth, CA


ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

My husband says we cuddled during the quake, during which he considered getting up and going to our kids, then debating which kid he should go to, and eventually deciding that he would check on them if anything in our room fell over (nothing did). I woke up when the alarm went off remembering nothing about an earthquake!

MetaMommy said...

Aw...that's sweet. Looks like he was in definite daddy-mode. With kids as young as ours, their safety is priority number one, so I can imagine what was going through his head.
I suspect if it would have been a bit more serious, you would have woken up, too. You're mind was just unwilling to register it. It sounds like you were just that tired!