Friday, August 24, 2007

How to Crush a Pill with Spoons

James was kind enough to comment on an important caveat that I failed to include in this post. Not all pills should be crushed because it can change how the pill was intended to work, and that can be dangerous. Here's a link that addresses the topic. As such, you should speak with your doctor or pharmacist before crushing pills. But if you get the green light, the technique I mention below is a cheap and easy method.

Thanks, James, for pointing out my oversight.


We used to do this to give our cat her medication. It worked really well, though she still knew the medication was in the food and thus avoided it.

Take one spoon and put the pill in it. Take a second spoon and place on top. Crush.


Anonymous said...

Please make an important note to entry or even think about removing it all together? However, it must be noted that NOT all tablets can or should be crushed, chewed or broken before ingestion. Many tablets can harmful to the patient if not taken as directed. Patients should check with their pharmacist or qualified medical practitioner for advice.

Best wishes