Sunday, August 2, 2009

MetaBoy's Budding Personality

A post from April that I forgot to actually post. MetaBoy has only become more of a character. Good fun!


Found an old group picture of MetaDaddy, me, and several friend, two of whom had babies on their laps. He identified us, and then said "I can't see MetaGirl." I tried to explain that the picture was taken a long time ago, before MetaGirl or even he was born. He just stared at me blankly, mumbled "uh huh," and walked away. Guess it'll be a while before he understands the concept of "time" or "before you were born."

When we drive to places he's been before, he knows it. He says "laundry" when we pick up the dry cleaning and "shopping" when we go to the farmers' market. In fact, all we have to do is make a right on a particular street, and he assumes we're going shopping, which he will consider a good or bad thing depending on his current mood. One day, I was driving us home, but I wanted to finish listening to an interesting piece on the radio. So when we were a block from home, I passed our street so I could drive around for an other few minutes. Well, he went nuts. He was screaming "home, home!!" I started trying to console him saying we were going home, but he didn't calm down until we were physically heading back home. He definitely didn't get my wonky sense of direction, as MetaDaddy would attest to.

He likes sleeping with one of his little dolls. Be it Peter (Rabbit) or Wallace or Walden (Wubbzy's friend), he's never alone. But today he asked to sleep with...a water bottle filled with cold water. Brilliant business idea or pending disaster? TBD.