Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Around the Internet

Cheese or Font and Ice Cream or Paint - Some fun, if silly, quizzes.

Marshall's Stiletto Car - I saw this "car" driving around Santa Monica. MetaBoy didn't see it, and he didn't believe I saw a shoe drive by. How do you convince a 3 year old of something ridiculous when he's making up ridiculous stories every day?

Expense A Steak - A shady website where you type in the amount of an expense that you need legitimate receipts for, and you get a PDF of receipts laid out in that exact amount. Don't tell the IRS about this one ;-)

Twirling on Her Toes, Giving Orders - A funny article in the NY Times about a couple who didn't anticipate how their lives would change when 2 of their 3 kids went off to college.

Gov. Schwarzenegger's cute breakfast - I'm guessing he didn't make the smiley face. He doesn't seem like the smiley face making sort of guy.