Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Around the Internet: Food

Bad, bad, naughty food.

The Cookie Cake Pie - This is so over the top. My teeth hurt just looking at it!

Chain Restaurants Engaged in Obesity-Promoting "Waist Race" - Ever had the Cheesecake Factory's Fried Macaroni and Cheese Balls? "With 1,570 calories and 69 grams of saturated fat, you'd be better off eating an entire stick of butter."

If that's not a motivation to cook at home, I don't know what is. To spur on that sentiment, here are 5 things that we don’t have to do in the kitchen.

That said, even if you cook at home, that doesn't mean your "healthy food" is what it claims to be. This article addresses some misleading manufacturer's labels found on chicken, salt substitutes, artificial sweeteners, wheat bread, foods containing fiber, and foods claiming to not contain trans fats. For example,
"roughly one-third of the fresh chicken sold in the U.S. is 'plumped' with water, salt and sometimes a seaweed extract called carrageenan that helps it retain the added water." How does that impact your dinner? "Untreated chicken has about 45 to 60 mgs of sodium per four-ounce serving. So-called enhanced or 'plumped' chicken has between 200 and 400 mgs of sodium per serving, almost as much as a serving of fast-food french fries."
Maybe it's just as well that Jamie Oliver will be putting a U.S. city on a diet.


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Girl, I so wish you were my personal chef!

MetaMommy said... what you're saying is you're a gambler at heart?

Poor MetaDaddy. Sure he gets some nice treats every now and then, but then there are the runny muffins, burnt cookies, too watery stews, and rubbery shrimp. I experiment a lot, so there are bound to be a few missteps. It's all about having fun, I say!

Speaking of, you should see what treacherous misfit is boiling away in my trusty red pot. Eek!!