Monday, November 9, 2009

Thomas Keller Book Signing with Williams Sonoma

Food geek that I am, I was so very excited when I heard that Thomas Keller, food hero, was signing his new book, Ad Hoc at Home, at Williams Sonoma in Santa Monica, CA.

Post news, I realized that MetaBoy was home from school for Veteran's Day. Today. The day of the book signing.

And there goes my glow.

I drove past, and the line was almost too long for me alone, nevermind with monsters in tow.

I'm still thinking of getting the book, even though it won't be signed. I keep reading glowing reviews. To rub salt in the wound, I found a picture of how he signs his books...very artsy!

(Photo from clarakim via Twitter)

If you're looking for Thomas Keller's next William Sonoma event, check out their site. He'll be in doing a lot of flying over the coming month!