Friday, February 1, 2008

Presidential Primary in California - Are You An Independent?

We're California residents. My husband is registered as an independent, but I'm not. As a result, I received my official sample ballot for the upcoming presidential primaries on Super Tuesday, which includes candidates for my party. My husband's sample ballot is for state and local measures, which he found rather depressing. He really wanted more action, I suspect.

In an attempt to take advantage of California's 3 million registered voters without a party affiliation, the Democratic party began allowing independents to vote in their presidential primary. Per the NY Times,
"Democrats began allowing independents to participate in their party’s presidential primary in 2004, and campaigns now see them — the fastest-growing group of registrants in California — as potentially pushing a candidate over the top in the primary on Feb. 5."
However, both of the primary parties don't agree:
"Republicans only allow their own party members to vote; the state’s American Independent Party also allows decline-to-state voters to cast ballots in its primary, but the party’s presence is very small."
Contrary to what is suggested about independents in the article, my husband is quite engaged in politics, he's just stubborn in that he doesn't like to let other people know what he's thinking. Just like a guy, huh?

If you don't have a party affiliation and you'd like to vote in California's Democratic presidential primary, you have to ask for the Democratic ballot at your polling station. Otherwise, you will receive a nonpartisan ballot.

And whatever your party, Happy Super Tuesday!!

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