Friday, February 29, 2008

When Pre-Toddler Maternity Clothes Are Just Useless

I'm a mess today. And not for the usual reasons.

Last weekend, I gave in and accepted that I could no longer comfortably fit into most of my pants, so I made the switch. I took my maternity clothes out of the suitcase and put my "real" clothes in, not to be seen for a long, long time (*sniff, sniff*). It struck my how small my maternity wardrobe is, but it's just as well. I don't have that much room for vanity.

Conscious of the temporary wardrobe that is was, I spent relatively little on it. However, I made it a point to buy a few frilly things that might have cost a bit more because if you don't feel like you look good, you just don't feel good. It's like being on a diet...if you deny yourself the stuff you love all the time, you're just going to end up rebelling and binging when the opportunity arises. And doesn't it always?

Today, I wore a pair of khaki pants that I wore all the time until I outgrew them. It's amazing how you think you couldn't possibly outgrow something "that big," then one day, you literally can't fit them past your cankles. They're nice, comfortable, and they hardly look maternity...except for the wonderful stretchy panel :-) Perfect for the office, back when that was my gig.

Enter MetaToddler.

We go out, he in his always precious garb, I in my newly discovered khaki pants...and other stuff. We're not out for five minutes, and I look like a hobo. I picked him up to go down the stairs into the garage, and his little dust-collecting shoes left wee little footprints all over me. When I realize what's happened, I have dirt on what looks like half of my pants. Appropriately, I don't realize until we've been to several places.

I think the khaki pants might not be making it out of the closet this pregnancy. What's more, I might have to invest a few bitter dollars into a few pairs of forgiving jeans and corduroy. Fortunately, I still remember a few of my maternity clothes haunts. Specifically, Gap, which is where I found some crazy deals. I got most of my pants from there, and the average cost was $10-15 (purchased on clearance). Shipping on all maternity clothes is free, and you can return the duds to the store (i.e., no return shipping required). Currently, they're out of corduroy in my size (dang!!), but I'll be investigating a few other options.


Chief Family Officer said...

Have you tried the Old Navy at the 3rd Street Promenade? I got a few favorites in their maternity section - and while their jeans were too long for me, I do have friends who raved about them as affordable and comfortable. I also picked up quite a few pieces at Target, and a few from Mimi Maternity's clearance section.

I was in maternity pants at 7 weeks the second time around so I'm thoroughly impressed that you've made it this long!

MetaMommy said...

I got a couple of things at Mimi Maternity that I really liked, so I'll check them out again. I'll be sure to take a look at Target and Old Navy. I love their kid's clothes, so maybe I'll get lucky there, too :-)

As for lasting this long in my "regular" wardrobe, I only made it with a few pants that MetaDaddy complained about for so long. "Those pants are too big on you"..."they're falling off of you"...etc. Well, I showed him! Now, it's time for those overalls I never get to wear :-D