Friday, February 15, 2008

Random Thoughts of a Crazy Lady

I could go for a gummy bear.
I would settle for a gummy worm.
I can't eat gummy food because of my braces.
I can't eat more food because of the braces than because of the morning sickness.
MetaBoy likes drumming.
He drummed in his class today.
He drummed on the sofa.
He just drummed on me.
MetaBoy likes his string cheese.
It's bland, so I'm thinking of exposing him to a more flavorful cheese.
First exposure to Irish Cheddar: failed.
Will try again.
I like the cheese, though.
The cheese will definitely not go to waste.
Feeling a bit unpleasant this afternoon, coincidentally after having cheese.
The cheese is not the cause, but the cheese is getting the emotional blame.
Right now, the thought of cheese is revolting.
MetaBoy enjoys being scared.
Every time he's startled, he giggles with delight.
MetaMommy does not enjoy being scared.
Every time she's startled, someone gets snapped at.
MetaBoy likes dancing.
He'll grab a place mat for the table, put it on the floor, and start Irish dancing.
He doesn't know he's Irish dancing, yet.
He will.
Much to MetaDaddy's dismay, MetaBoy seems to gravitate towards pink.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Both were completely unprovoked.
Both were hard to separate from our otherwise very boyish boy.
MetaDaddy has been using the same soap for years.
He used it in Ireland.
He stopped using it once he moved here.
He started using it again once he found it online.
His last order is in the same package, but smells slightly different.
He keeps smelling his hands.
He's made me smell his hands.
I think we'll be selling a lot of soap in the near future.
I didn't even notice the smell of the soap.
MetaDaddy is usually more observant than me.
I don't care for Valentine's day.
I think it's a holiday that blows an ideal out of proportion.
And it focuses attention on one day when we should be kind and loving to each other every day.
But I'll take his desserts any friggin' day!