Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lashing Out

Oh, to be a girl. So many things to worry about. How does my hair look? Are my tights straight? Does this diaper make my tushie look big?

Well, we think she's darling. This outfit certainly helps bring out the precious qualities. That little vest? MetaNana's handiwork. Impressive, let me tell you. It seems I can hardly dress her. Making actual clothes would be highly improbable.

As I've mentioned before, she really resembles MetaBoy. One of the big difference is in the eyes color. MetaDaddy isn't as obsessive about the eye color as I am. Born and raised in Ireland, blue eyes were the everyday norm. He claims to really like my brown eyes. Then again, that's only the smart thing to say, n'est pas?

Anyway, having been born and raised in Los Angeles, blue eyes are much more rare. My mother's green eyes just tauned me...oh to be different. MetaBoy was born with very dark blue eyes which then became a dark brown like mine. MetaGirl's started off a much lighter blue than his, but have slowly gotten darker. I guess blue just isn't in the cards here. Ah well.

Hair is another of the differences they were born expressing. He was born with a perfectly coiffed head of dark hair. His eyebrows and eyelashes were well defined, and they've only become more pronounced over time. We've actually had strangers, specifically women, say "those eyelashes are wasted on him." I know what they're trying to say, even if they're not doing a good job at expressing themselves. A guy just doesn't appreciate the gorgeous lashes he's bestowed with as much as a girl does. I have long lashes, and I spent my childhood shielding myself from adult women ogling them. I've been taught to appreciate them.

But my little MetaGirl has much more fair, fine hair. And up until recently, she looked like she had quite the receding hairline. Precious for a newborn. I'm sure she'll grow out of it before the preciousness wears off ;-)

As for the lashes, when she's old enough to appreciate them, she might very well not appreciate her brother. At two months, you can't really see her eyebrows or lashes. Let's call them dainty. In any event, to prevent any fights, I'm hoping hers get thicker and darker...cuz she won't be using makeup on them for a long, long, long time.


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