Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rushing Thomas

MetaBoy received a Thomas the Tank engine for his birthday, and he loves, loves, loves it. This is aided by the fact that after resisting for his two years, I finally gave in and let him watch an episode of the show on PBS. Unfortunately, his daily chant since has been "Thomas"?

That said, sometimes I wonder who likes the little choo choo and his track more.

MetaDaddy went with the little lad to buy some more track today. They also picked up a motorized Thomas.

Score for the boys!!

They get home and assemble the booty.

Once MetaBoy gets the hang of it, he takes the motorized Thomas and starts pushing it while saying "Go Thomas!"

I don't know if it's a reflection on him or us as parents. But seriously...if he's rushing Thomas at two, what's he going to be doing when he can actually tell time?