Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Madness

While it may seem that's I've fallen off of the face of the earth, I assure you I haven't. You know what December's like. You still have all of the same errands as usual, but now you have to worry about presents, parties, and travel plans.

I've gotten most of our shopping out of the way (no small feat, let me tell you), and we're actually looking forward to relaxing at a friend's party this weekend (probably because it's one of the rare occasions we're not cooking/cleaning/worrying the whole time). Ah, ain't it grand?

And travel. Well, ya. We've decided to do it. The big one. We're taking the fussy, whiney toddler on a plane with hundreds of poor other passengers. And ya, we're taking the infant, too. Crossing our fingers that she'll be a bit less fussy than MetaBoy, but you never know. We thought that because he was such a good eater (he would routinely nurse and immediately fall asleep), we could rely on that habit to help us pacify him on the flight. Whoa, were we wrong. He slept all of 30 minutes, but that's been the case on every flight he's ever been on. He doesn't fall asleep in his car seat either, so that was another tell-tale sign. For those 10 hours, some of the time he was calm, some of the time he was entertained, but most of the time he was cranky.

But MetaGirl already seems generally calmer than him, and she can actually fall asleep in her car seat. So we've decided to chance it and go to Ireland. We're going to enclose ourselves in a tiny space with a gazillion people for 10 hours. Why? Because it's the holidays. We all have to suffer a little to know how good we have it. Besides, when we get to Ireland, it'll all be worth it. MetaBoy is going to have a ridiculously good time with his aunts, uncle, and Nana. Our biggest challenge will be stopping him from eating salmon at every meal (he's just like his daddy, that way).

So, don't fret. We're all still here. And if you're ever wondering, I've been tweeting since it's much easier to do from my phone (I don't have as much computer time these days and there's a character limit...which I need).

Hope the holidays are treating you all well!!