Thursday, December 4, 2008

How Do You Keep Your Hands Warm?

My hands are so cold these days. I'd hardly care, and occasionally it's fun to shock MetaBoy or MetaDaddy our of their skins. But when I have to touch MetaGirl's warm, tender skin, I feel soooooooooooooo guilty!!

Gloves have never worked for me. I've tried warming up my hands with hot water, but it feels wasteful to let the water run until it's warm. Besides, it doesn't work very well. So I've taken to leaving my hair dryer handy so I can quickly give them a blast of warm air. That's the most use this dryer has ever gotten. It's having loads of fun ;-)

How do you keep your hands warm?


oddlyme said...

To keep my hands warm I wrap them around a cup of hot tea or hot water (warmed in the microwave).

And/or you might consider a pair of fingerless gloves. No need to spend big bucks, juist pick up a pair of the "one size fits all" knit gloves you can get for 99¢ or $2, and cut off the fingers.

You'll keep your mobility but, your hands will be warmer!

And oddly enough, wearing a knit cap on your head keeps your whole body warmer, that's an option as well!

MetaMommy said...

That's excellent advice. While the gloves have never worked to keep my superbly cold hands warm (I think this is personal problem as I hear others don't have this problem), the hat should work wonders. I'll definitely try that.

And warm tea...mmmm...that's just lovely.