Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Right Start and Babystyle

A sign of the times?

I occasionally shop at Babystyle, but I certainly can't be accused of keeping them in business since I prefer them during sale season. They have cute, soft baby clothes, baby toys, and a nice selection of maternity clothes.

Back in July of 2008, The Right Start bought Babystyle and Blue Lava Group (owns the Tiny Ride Website). I'm guessing that didn't go well.

That led me to check out Tiny Ride, which is just as grim.

The Right Start's website seems to be up and running. It leads me to wonder what happened. I guess rumors have been floating around for a few days, but what's the deal? I stopped by my local Babystyle, and other than a small statement in the window regarding their having filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, you wouldn't know anything was amiss. Haven't checked out my local Right Start, but it's on the list.

Right Start Acquires Two Brands