Monday, March 16, 2009

Around the Internet

Study: Kids Often Misdiagnosed With Food Allergies - A very interesting article that is sure to create skepticism about the current state of food allergies based on blood tests alone.

"Tests on 125 children with allergies and eczema and found that more than 50 percent of the kids could tolerate foods they had been told to avoid."

Alice Waters on 60 Minutes - I really think she's right. And I'm glad she's been around pushing good food on the U.S. because I think it's fair to say the FDA and the USDA aren't bothered by such pursuits. Having the luxury of being able to shop at farmers' markets has allowed me to realize how good food can be. And that, it looks to good!!

NPR Cancels All Newspaper Subscriptions Except Wall Street Journal - It seems ironic. But they've been cutting back in all areas, which has included canceling two shows and laying off 7% of its staff. And if they can get certain content online for free (e.g., New York Times)...well...

‘Sesame Street’ Producer to Reduce Workforce by 20% - This makes me sad. But they could probably use a reworking of expenses. Per the article, 2008 revenue and expenses were $145 million and $141 million, respectively. "Program expenses at Sesame Workshop, which include content distribution and product licensing, totaled $116.4 million in last year, up from $100 million the year before."

Auto Tax Revenues Going in Reverse, Hurting Cities' Coffers - An informative article breaking down how dismal car sales are impacting Los Angeles and surrounding cities. I'd guess it's applicable to most U.S. cities.

Acne: another bump from the recession - The stress caused by the tough economy can lead to acne. Ack!! Ironically, that stresses me out.