Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Warm & Fuzzy Rain Boots!!

Having lived in Los Angeles for all of my 30 something years, I really never had a good excuse to buy rain boots. But something possessed me this year. I finally got a pair... Moov Boots! And while I bought them just after the heavy rain in December, they really came in handy for the heavy rain in January and February. And yes, heavy is relative ;-)

They're warm and fuzzy on the inside. They're lovely on the outside.

No, they're not cheap, but they're sturdy and I don't slip when I walk, which means they'll last me a long time. They're sold and shipped from Australia, so you'll have to convert the price into your currency to know your true cost (I like this site). Keep in mind that the price includes shipping.

Even better, Daily Candy is offering a discount of 30% (coupon code: DCMOOV)! Yes, I'm regretting not having waited. But oh well...can't win them all.