Monday, March 30, 2009

Feeding to the Music

We've started feeding MetaGirl solid food, and much like with MetaBoy, it's taking a while. A while and a lot of patience...laundry...paper towels, all with limited success since she's not interested in consuming anything other than breastmilk. The toughest part is getting her to open her mouth. Sometimes, if I smile, giggle, and dance, she opens her mouth and I sneak in the smallest bit of food.

One favorite? Singing her this song.

Maybe I need to start investing in other boppy beats like...ABBA? Oh, parenthood.


Anonymous said...

Ohh....can I recommend "Best of MT USA" Compilation CD. Based on a programme ran in '83 over this side of the pond :

I got a copy for Christmas - includes 99 red balloons, walk like an egyption, Girls just want to have fun, The eye of the tiger, you get the idea... MetaGirl and I can skip the light fandango ;) She needs that synthesizer music that she wouldn't get from ABBA - completely different era IMHO.

- MetaGirl's Aunt

MetaMommy said...

ooo...those sound right up, i mean her alley ;-)

i suspect her next trip to ireland will be exciting, indeed