Friday, January 23, 2009

How Tired Was I?

I woke up to MetaGirl's crying...again. She pretty much didn't nap that afternoon, and I was exhausted from the night before. So I dozed off while nursing.

Since she had eaten, and was obviously disinterested in sleep, I figured I'd check to see if she had a dirty diaper. I didn't want to turn the light on so as to avoid fully waking her. So I rummaged through the drawer looking for the flashlight that I hoped MetaBoy had put back from his game earlier. Nope. Then, I found a highlighter. And I thought "ah hah!" Somehow, I thought this highlighter would help me see in the dark. Eventually, my underlying suspicions won out and I realized that the highlighter was in fact an instrument to highlight text, not to light text. That was a sad realization.

Nap time was over.