Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Plastic Free Toddler Dishes

After spending so much time looking for dishes and cups for MetaBoy that are not made of plastic, I ended up settling on bone china. It's strong and considered chip resistant. I don't know if this is true, but we tried it anyway. We have a couple of flat-bottom bowls, plates, and a couple of mugs. And so far, MetaBoy has been great. Nothing thrown, chipped, or broken (at least not yet). Mind you, we didn't offer the dishes to him during his "throwing" phase. Back then, we would hold the dish and feed him. We then let him feed himself, and we haven't had any incidents. He bangs his silverware on the rim of the bowl, but eh...he's two.

I was worried that the mug would be too difficult for his little hands to handle, but he was a pro the first time he used it (at around 2 years). I'm annoyed I didn't introduce it earlier! We have have a single handle mug, and a double handle mug, and he can use both without a problem. So we don't have any kiddie plastic dishes or cups, and I'm glad we're at a comfortable place with that considering the talk about BPA has only gotten more serious (see the EWG for more info). I will get a few sippy cups for MetaGirl once she's ready for them, but she won't spend much time using them if I can avoid it.

If I was still on the hunt for a plastic-free alternative for mealtime, I would seriously consider a stainless steel set like this one. It's nice to see that more options are slowly becoming available to consumers.

Boo to plastic!!