Saturday, January 31, 2009

MetaBoy Gets Sick, and it Freaks Him Out

Oh, but it's been a harrowing evening.

Nap time ended and MetaGirl woke up with nothing but smiles. Lovely :-)
As we were leaving the bedroom, she spit up more than usual. MetaBoy saw and said "spit up!" I said "yes, it is. And I'm going to clean it up right now."

So, I did, and that was that.

About half an hour later, MetaBoy is looking still and serious in the kitchen and said "spit up." I looked at him funny and brought over a paper towel just as he began to get sick everywhere.

Watching your little boy get sick is disturbing. But this is the first time that he's been aware that he's getting sick, and it seemed to freak him out. He kept saying "spit up." So I had to console him with the mommy face and the mommy voice despite feeling panicky underneath it all. MetaDaddy took him to the bathroom while I cleaned up, and the poor little guy seemed most concerned about "kitchen mess!" We had to assure and reassure him that the mess was gone and the kitchen was fine.

Unfortunately, he continued to get sick all evening. He finally went down for the night, though later than usual. MetaDaddy sat with him for a long while as he kept waking up with dry heaves. Tomorrow will be a day of toast and bananas, if he can handle it.

As of yet, we don't know the cause. Did he pick up a bug from a friend? An elevator door? Eating off of the floor? These are all possible given his past behavior. And while I'm never looking to get sick, I really don't want to get sick over the next few days since MetaDaddy will be away for the better part of the week on business.

That said, perhaps it some sort of food poisoning? He's eaten the same thing as us today, so I can't imagine it was. But it certainly gave me pause for thought. We haven't eaten out in two weeks, but we ate out for lunch today. And it reminded of what I've come to realize: you never know what goes into your food when you eat out. This article about the peanut recall points out that you can find peanuts in the unlikeliest of places, such as "enchilada sauce, chili sauce, meat marinades."

But I digress. I'm really crossing my fingers that he's better tomorrow because we've got a fun surprise for him in the shape of a cheeky little tank!!

Note: What's in the January air here? Almost a year ago to the day, MetaBoy picked up a bug and got sick, much like tonight. And much like this coming week, MetaDaddy is going away. The one big difference? MetaGirl. I hope this coming week is better than that one was.