Saturday, January 26, 2008

Poor Little Bug vs. Bug

Poor little bug.

He got pretty sick this evening, and we have no idea why. He couldn't keep any food down, but it didn't start until we put him to bed (read: messy, messy, messy). He started crying 5 minutes after we put him down (very unusual), and proceeded to lose dinner all over MetaDaddy and the carpet. It was bad enough that we had to give him another bath, all the while cleaning up the mess (read: stinky, stinky, stinky).

After a few costume changes, a load of laundry, and a series of dry heaves, he went to sleep. The hardest part was keeping him from sneaking little Cheerios he'd find in nooks in the living room, which led to the heaves. He was actually looking pretty good considering, but it's soooooo hard to watch that sad little face.

We're crossing our fingers for tomorrow. Crossing our fingers that we don't catch what he has if it's catchy. Crossing our fingers that MetaDaddy makes it to his conference tomorrow because he's been working on his speech all month. And crossing our fingers that our little bug is his happy-go-lucky self again tomorrow.

Oh, and did I mention MetaDaddy will be away all week?

*le sigh*

Update: Our poor little bug is eating, running, and climbing once again. He's a bundle of renewed energy. We, however, are exhausted! But it's nice to see him with his A game again :-)


Kathryn said...

Ohh -I hope metababy feels better soon!! Hugs and more hugs. Also very funny post about the signing.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I'm glad he's back to his toddler ways. So 1 day of sickness? A sick baby is NO fun. Poor baby and poor Mama.

Alone all week? *le sigh* is right. Order some of that fancy, organic take out again Meta!

And thanks for that Frames info BTW, I did NOT know that. You are all sorts of hip. Yet again.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever used this?

MetaMommy said...

Thanks for the tip, Anonymous. I used it back when he used to spit up milk when he was very young. I didn't think to use it this time around, but I can see how the ginger and fennel might have helped settle his tummy a bit. Have you used it for this purpose with success?