Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Annoyances of Flying

Why do kids and parents get all the dirty looks, but little to no help in coping with the difficulties of flying?

Consider this. If I'm flying with a baby, and you're flying alone with the intention of a peaceful flight, wouldn't it be easier on you if I had the resources to help my child cope with the stresses of flying? Don't give me dirty looks because that only makes me bitter and frustrated. And don't make snide comments to the couple with the lovely, quiet child like "YOU have such a well-behaved child" while glaring at me. If my child is crying, it's probably because he's tired, frustrated, ill, or uncomfortable. He's miserable, and I'm miserable because I can't stand to see him cry. If you want to make it better, make faces or mildly engage him. He's not made of slime.

And if you're really serious about a peaceful, quiet flight, bring a pair of noise-reduction headphones (pretty cheap these days) and wear a hooded sweatshirt. No one will bother you and you won't hear a thing.

So be nice or stay in your corner. You're only making things worse with your unpleasantness.


Juka16 said...

Oh that's so unfortunate. You don't fly often, do you? I hope that, should you fly again, that doesn't happen. Poor, metamommy.

MetaMommy said...

Thanks Juka

Actually, this was our 3rd trip to Ireland and 4th flight in total with the little guy. The most recent flight wasn't as bad, but we did experience such stranger hostility the last time we flew. What struck me is that over the last few weeks, I've spoken to other parents and discovered that this is certainly not rare.

One friend with an autistic child said she made up business cards explaining her son's behavior and handed them out when he had a melt down. Faces went from stone-faced hostility to guilty and apologetic. Priceless.