Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas Card Ideas

I saw the best Christmas card ever at my doctor's office's wall. The border was a sweet string of "Merry Christmas." The center was a photo of who I can only imagine are the sender's two girls (ages ~6 months and ~2 to 3 years). The girls are sitting next to each other on a bench. However, this is where it gets good. They are both crying. I mean full on shrieking. The 6 month old is bright red, and you can practically see the tongue quaking with all of it's precious baby-ness. And the toddler looks like she's trying to escape from the baby.

I'm not saying it's a pretty scene, but it's full of reality. And though we don't have the fearful duty of caring for a toddler and infant, I can only imagine that this photo is a lot more representative of a family Christmas than the sweetly posed pair we've all seen.

I'm just saying.