Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are Kids' Sugary Drinks Safe?

I'm pretty paranoid about the unknown and questionable ingredients in juices and other drinks marketed to kids. As such, I'm very curious to hear about the Environmental Working Group's data on kids' sugary drinks. If you are too, consider taking their survey. It's ridiculously quick and easy.

Is your child drinking pesticides and benzene? Both have been
found in sugary drinks like juice, sports drinks, and soda.

The government collects data on how much water and milk
children drink, but lumps all sodas and fruit juices together.

Environmental Working Group needs your help to learn about
what your kids are actually drinking -- and how safe it is. I just
took the survey. They'll even send you a free update when
they've analyzed the results.

Click here to take the quick survey:


Tree said...

ooh, good post, thanks for the link. i just made my kid some fruity iced tea today, sweetened with agave nectar, and she downed it in about 3.5 seconds.

MetaMommy said...

That sounds good! I could go for some of that right now ;-)