Monday, January 7, 2008

Mercedes Roadside Assistance

We don't have a Mercedes Benz, but I found this interesting. Roadside assistance is available for the life of the car. That's pretty cool. Don't know if it's worth actually buying a MB just for the free towing. However, it's good to know if you currently own an aging Mercedes. Of if you're prone to running out of gas :-o
"Throughout the life of your Mercedes-Benz, a Roadside Assistance expert is just a toll-free call away. Call 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES (1-800-367-6372) for assistance any time you're on the road, day or night, if you have a problem related to your Mercedes-Benz."


Anonymous said...

Towing is not free, unless the breakdown is due to a failure under warranty.

However you get 2 GAL OF GAS, FREE JUMPSTART, AND FREE TIRE REPAIR or SPARE INSTALL for the LIFE of the car, ANY mercedes, new or used, no matter who owns it, for FREE.

You also get faster response, most roadside techs arrive between 10 minutes and 30 minutes if they don't have a backlog of calls. They operate in a 30 miles radius around each shop. So unless traffic is bad which slows everyone, the response time is much faster than AAA or tow companies.

If you have something outside of a jump,tire,gas, they can attempt to repair it on site, but they do charge for that.

You can also call the roadside agents and talk to them about your questions.

The only requirement is that you have a Mercedes Benz. has more info

Anonymous said...

They will also install a battery if you tell them model and year. Not cheap or free but easy. Still, you gotta be near a dealership, otherwise they send local help with possibly reduced knowledge of your benz. still it's cheaper than AAA membership, and the response time is good

Anonymous said...

I did call them today, and they are on the way to fix my car, mostly jump starting or batter replacement.. and it is going to be free of cost.. awesome service... unnecessarily paying for AAA these many days :(

good luck folks..

Anonymous said...

Just thought it would be worth sharing, for your future MB or anyone else who might stumble on your blog, that effective January 2011, towing to a local MB service center has been added to their FREE roadside assistance offerings. As long as you are reasonably close to a service center (I believe 30 miles) and your MB has had at least $100 worth of work done there in the past 18 months (which is basically an oil change), you'll get the free tow. They will arrange for service with the dealership and you do nothing except give the tow driver the key. My MB was disabled in the garage and they had my vehicle on its way within an hour. I was almost going to join AAA but am so glad I called them first!