Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Clothes

Oh, how time flies.

I was digging out some of MetaToddler's old clothes for M2 and I've come to a few conclusions.
  1. I can't believe he was ever that small.

  2. I can't believe how lucky we've been with his wardrobe. Between gifts and hand-me-downs from his younger cousin (ya, he's way bigger), we've had very little stress in keeping him well clothed. We love the one piece footed outfits from Ireland because they're well-made, soft, cotton, inexpensive, and adorable. I've found similar items here at much higher prices, so we've tried to get him new ones every time we go back to Dublin. That said, he's at that cusp where we can't find footed ones that fit him any more. The footed ones are particularly beneficial in keeping him from climbing out of his crib because he climbs much better in his bare feet. He can't get a proper foothold when he's bound in his jammies.

  3. We hardly need anything for M2. We've got clothes, toys, etc. aplenty. Unfortunately, no excuses for shopping. Eh, I'm sure I'll find something. We always need something when it's particularly cute ;-)

  4. I'm really excited to revisit some of the things that I really loved seeing MetaToddler wear. The opposite of that sad feeling you get when you admit to yourself that your child no longer fits into that little shirt that you love seeing him in. That's what today did for me. Gave me a big sense of "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....I forgot how much I loved this shirt!!!"
Now, the unpleasant part. Laundry.


Cecily R said...

That is a bitter sweet task for me. It's so fun to remember how little and sweet they were, but its sad to know how fast they grow up.

I love hand me downs. Woo hoo for being ready for M2!!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Hey, did you survive the quake okay?

Looking back at that itty bitty baby clothes always makes my heart flutter. As for laundry, BLECH! I feel ya.

MetaMommy said...

@ Mama Geek - Here's my sad story