Saturday, April 26, 2008

Are Mac Users Fantabulous?

We eat organic food whenever possible, BUT I don't whiten my teeth, drive a hybrid, and drink Starbucks coffee. That said, I apparently think I'm more extraordinary than Joe, whomever he is.
"According to a new marketing study, if you own a Mac, you might want to slap yourself. Mindset Media surveyed 7,500 computer users in 20 different personality traits, such as self-esteem, pragmatism and modesty. They found that Mac owners pretty much personify the Mac guy from the commercials."
And what about that Mac guy from the ads?
"The character of the Mac guy is almost too perfectly cast. He is smug. He is condescending. He's just that uber-hipster you love to hate. It just makes you want to slap him."
LOL...OK, if you say so.

Those Mac users think they're so cool