Sunday, April 27, 2008

MetaToddler Update

An occasional update on the fun, silly, and ridiculous things the resident toddler has been up to.

I unwrapped something with plastic in the kitchen while MetaToddler was watching Blue's Clues. He obviously heard me and ran over saying "cheese, cheese!" So, I told him to go back and I promised I would bring him some. Happy toddler obliged.

We had pie one day, and asked him "can you say pie?" He did, and really well. The one thing is that it's really high pitched. He sounds like Cartman when he's trying to get something (e.g., "Mom, can I have some pie?"). So, I wear my Pie Chart t-shirt and say "what's this" all day. He now thinks my chest is called "pie."

He's become a real mimic. I didn't know how much I sighed in any given day until he started mimicking me. He also follows our lead on random things like:
  • sneezing
  • coughing
  • wiping things down (awesome...he helps me clean!!)
  • lying down and napping (good way to get him to relax)
  • random words (not all, but some random sounds)
He's learning his colors with MetaDaddy. He knows a few, unless he's tired. Then, he just randomly points at objects. "Where's the yellow one?" Points at everything until something turns out to be yellow. In other words, "Daddy, just put me to bed. I'm tired!!"

He says "ta da" with a flourish. That one's all me. We practiced one night, he got it down, and he's been doing it ever since. Tee hee.

If you say "dance" when he's in the tub, he starts kicking his feet and splashing water everywhere. He usually follows that with "ta da."

Every time someone applauds (e.g., in person, radio, television), he starts maniacally applauding.

He says some words with a funny accent. He says "bear" like he's from Boston and "bye" like a southern bell. Everything else that starts with a "b" is for the most part "be" or "ba."

He starts running around signing phone whenever the phone rings. He seriously loves the phone.

Per MetaToddler, a few words:
The cow says: "mmm"
The cat says: "meee"
The sheep says: "baaaa"
The dog says: "mm mm"
The duck says: "tip tee"
The bear says: "ra"
The plane says" "eeee" (while signing plane)
The car/bus says: "beep beep"

OK. So I was typing at the laptop, which I place at the dining room table. After some research, I was finally ready to make one of the many phone calls to our insurance company. That's always fun, isn't it? Well, I needed some motivation, so I got a wee bit of chocolate (only dark would do at that moment). I have a bit, then I place the call. As I'm getting into it, the voice recognition software stops working because of the "look at me, look at me" toddler at my knees. So I quickly nip into the bathroom so the thing can hear me, then I come back out. I wasn't in there a minute, and when I came out I was on hold. Perfect. Guess who I find typing away at my computer with brown oozing out of his mouth? Fortunately, I hadn't left much chocolate on the table, but whatever was there, he inhaled it in one bite. The results:


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

OH THE CUTENESS! This sounds so strangely familiar yet again!

Kathryn said...

haha! Meta Toddler rocks!

MetaMommy said...

Hey MamaGeek, I'm sure you know my pain. Oy!

Thanks, Kathryn :-) He's a rockin' bad boy, indeed!