Saturday, April 19, 2008

Discounts on Shopping

It feels like there are some good discounts these days. More often, and occasionally impressive.

Just some random selections:

Restoration Hardware - Thru April 30, 2008, purchase $750 in stuff (excluding tax and shipping) from the store, catalog or online, and get $100 off using code HEMAP804.

JC Penney - Thru April 30, 2008, get 15% off using code APRLJCPC, with no minimum.

Banana Republic - I love getting staples at Banana. You can get a pair of nice, flattering black pants that are great for work or going out. They're not cheap, but they last and look good. If you can get their stuff at a discount, it's a great time to buy a great staple or stock up. Personally, I think the economy's hitting them hard. These days, it feels like they have a big sale every weekend. It was a bit hush, hush for a while (I'd only hear about a sale when a sales person in the store told me "did you know everything's 20% off this weekend?"), but they're getting a bit more obvious. April 16 thru April 20, 2008, use the coupon at the above link at get $20 off of $100, $15 off of $150, and $50 off of $200 both online and in the store.

American Eagle - They primarily carry young-looking stuff, but some of it's great for everyday casual wear. MetaDaddy gets shorts and shirts, and I've gotten some groovy tops. They even have some good early maternity stuff (e.g., elastic empire waist). And now, it's all an additional 15% off with the above coupon.