Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Around the Internet

Busy being green, are ya? Well, here are a few more things to add to your Earth Day.

Battle of the Bags: Paper vs. Plastic - An interesting video that compares the two, leaving me to question which is indeed worse for the environment. Paper consumes a lot of resources, and is a much bigger polluter, but it's much more recycled than plastic. 1-5% of all plastic bags gets recycled because it's difficult for recycling facilities to process the bags in their machines. All the more reason to ban the bag, methinks!!

Online Ridesharing Community - Like a dating service, this online service allows you to hook up with others looking to rideshare.

Greenprint - Reduce the amount of wasted paper when printing with this free software. It seeks out and removes things like banner ads and lonely URLS on that last page. I hate that page! Unfortunately, it's only compatible with PCs. Poor Macs :-(

Gadget Recycling Programs: Turn Your e-waste to $$$ - A great listing of programs available to consumers who'd like to recycle old tech gadgets (e.g., iPods, computers, cell phones), for free or at a nice money-back rates. Mmm...money back.

Shred Less - A good reminder to shred all important information, but nothing more. Shredded paper is less recyclable, so rip off and shred the part of the page with your name/address, and recycle the rest. I've been doing that, and honestly, it's no more effort. Oh, and don't forget to recycle the windowed envelopes, too.