Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shopping on Etsy

I just love trolling Etsy for fun and new things. It's like eBay, only for handmade stuff. I think I'm more mesmerized at the thought of actually making stuff. I like crafts, but I'm not crafty by any stretch. I lack the motivation to try, really. I still haven't finished the scarf I started way, way, way back when it was still cool.

In any event, a few things I'm keen on these days.

Flirty Aprons - Doesn't this make you just want to bake something tarty?

Reusable Produce Bags - Maybe you already have your reusable large bags in order, but what about the bags to put your many onions, potatoes, and carrots? Obviously, Etsy has something for that. They come in a set of 3, and in sizes of small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Bang! Bags - I ordered one of these bags for a few reasons.
  • It's very reasonable ($20 including shipping when I purchased it).
  • It's handmade in Argentina, which means it's also shipped from there. While my *green* pursuits would keep me from happily ordering something from so far away, I also like supporting small business pursuits, especially in a country so near to my roots (i.e., Chile).
  • I wanted something small and light to carry MetaToddler's various necessities in. This hardly weighs more than a t-shirt, but it's nice and sturdy.
The bag is very light, fun, and colorful. Sometimes, we all need a bit of color, no?

My current system:
  • purse with everything I need, plus Cheerios and baby wipes;
  • a mini-diaper bag (diapers, wipes, rash ointment, change of clothes);
  • the Etsy bag with a couple of small books, sippy cup, jacket, wipes, spoon, and bib
I always carry my purse, I leave the mini-diaper bag in the car for emergencies, and I have the Etsy bag ready at all times (though I might add an orange or banana at the last minute), and take it if we'll be out for more than an hour (i.e., ready for emergency entertaining and feeding). As a result, I don't carry a huge bag, nor am I generally ever short of necessities for him. Though as he gets older, the number of things needed to entertain him increases. But for now, food still does the trick :-)