Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Better Restaurant Experiences

Some of my favorite blogs are food blogs. And because of my insatiable appetite for Los Angeles restaurant gossip, I always find myself blog-hopping to read a blurb about this restaurant or that.

My conclusion: if you want good service, take photos of your meal. My theory is staff and owners tend to be suspicious of customers photographing their meals, and as such, offer better service. I'm sure they'd know you're not a food critic, but how do they know you're not a blogger? And as such, how can any restaurant afford to have a mediocre representation of their restaurant floating around on the internet, with photos and all?

Just a theory. I'm thinking of trying it some day. But if you beat me to the punchline, do share your experience. And if the chef comes out to greet you, tell him/her that MetaMommy says "hi."