Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Around the Internet

Cooking with Coolio via L.A. Eater - This is funny, if you like a certain kind of humor. It's the potty mouth gangsta rapper comedy that reminds me oh so much of Dave Chappelle. Does Dave Chappelle make you want to change the channel? Then don't watch this "Damn Channel."

The Challenges of Having More Kids
- A mathematical analysis from a family with 4 boys. Yes, FOUR BOYS!

OCD in a Restaurant - Do you watch Monk? I watch it...I love it! Nothing like a severely OCD detective to make you fee sane and normal, even during your most neurotic of habits (e.g., stair counting). But this article really makes you appreciate how debilitating OCD can be, especially when eating out.

Grand Canyon's deluge by design - In an attempt to mimic natural cycles on the river, aman-made flood was released in the Grand Canyon to help restore its ecosystem. 300,000 gallons of water per second. The result:
"The Colorado's water level rose by a couple of feet in some places and as much as 15 feet in narrower parts. After the flood ends Friday, officials hope the water will leave behind sediment and restore sandbars as it goes back to normal levels."