Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MetaDaddy's Confession

"Oh, ya. He definitely got that from me"

"Say what?!?"

So, MetaDaddy recently admits in an "oh, didn't I tell you" way that he was a bit of a climber as a kid. Something about scaling walls and walking on really narrow ledges. Hardy-har-har...jokes on me, it seems.

MetaDaddy: Oh, didn't I mention that?
MetaMommy: Uh, no. I'm pretty sure I would have remembered picturing my child scaling walls and falling out of trees.
MetaDaddy: Oh well.

Soooooo, guess who's a climber.
Is it me? No.
Is it...the neighbor's dog? Don't care.
Is it MetaToddler? Yes.

I signed him up for a little gymnastics class. At first, he loved the trampoline. He was giddy with delight when he got on it, though he was having a hard time understanding the concept of jumping. The next time, he couldn't have cared less. He didn't even want to get on the trampoline. That's when the climbing started. Running away from me and climbing up and over things. He loves, loves, loves the balance beam now. He still needs a bit of help from me every now and then because he inevitably loses focus and topples. But for the most part, he does pretty well. I'd have taken pictures, but have you ever tried taking pictures of a toddler in motion?

This does not bode well for my nerves.


Chief Family Officer said...

My oldest is a climber. Out of his crib at 18 months. I feel for you!

MetaMommy said...

Oh my...I guess I should consider myself lucky that I haven't had to deal with that trick. Not yet, anyway!