Monday, March 17, 2008

Toddler Oddities: Food

One of his most recent inclinations is to play with and suck on lemon pulp. One day, he was whining that he wanted what I had. Well, I had just squeezed the juice from a lemon, so I have him a taste. He winced, and proceeded to ask for more. So I gave him the lemon half. He played with it for no less than 10-15 minutes. (Non-toddler parents may be thinking "pssshhht...10 minutes? Whatever." But those who know...know the miracle of 10 minutes.)

Sunday at dinner, I served a lemon wedge for the asparagus. After squeezing it on, MetaDaddy gave it to MetaToddler, though mostly to elicit amusing facial expressions. Instead, much to MetaDaddy's dismay, the kid seemed to enjoy it. In fact, he started a game where he put the lemon wedge in MetaDaddy's mouth for seconds at a time, and I nearly fell over laughing at the cringe. Oh, how his devious plan failed.

So, MetaToddler not only doesn't mind lemon, he seems to like it. This goes along with my affinity for the fruit. Since childhood, I've loved eating lemons. It's terrible for your teeth (wears away the enamel), but it's oh so mouth watering...mmm...

Besides the big eyes, he's definitely ma boy :-D