Thursday, March 20, 2008

No Snorgles Here

These are precious, but if we got one, MetaToddler would probably just try to eat it. I'mm just saying. Crazy cute, though!!


Anonymous said...

These things are cute? Cute?!? Wait, no, you said "Crazy cute."

Scary is a better word methinks.

Reminds me of rambutan though...and I would totally approve of rambutan consumption by the MetaToddler.

MetaMommy said...

Note to self: don't buy MetaToddler a "pet" rambutan.
Note to self (2): go to Thailand, Hawaii, or Costa Rica and feed MetaToddler rambutan, the fruit.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I thought that was photoshopped. NO WAY.

Tell ya what, I'll buy you one and fedex it to you for your shower gift. :)

No need to thank me! :)

MetaMommy said...

Oh, I'll thank you. I'll thank you biiiiig time ;-)

Hmm...make sure to put a rambutan in there so it has something to eat. It might get hungry. Or lonely :-(