Thursday, May 1, 2008

Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft is an ever-prominent danger that people should be wary of whether they spend a lot of time online or not. Shopping with a credit card at a shop can compromise your credit card information just as easily as shopping online. That said, the more time you spend online and sharing your information, the more susceptible you are.

Tips from ABC News: How Identity Theft Happens and How to Protect Yourself - These might just be reminders for the cautious, but good to remember.
For example, only provide financial information when you have initiated the contact. And be suspicious of shabby looking or poorly maintained websites.

A Wall Street Journal article: How to Avoid Cons That Can Lead to Identity Theft - Lists some tips of a similar nature. Also a good reminder to watch out for what are now called "social engineering scams." For example, never click on an embedded link in an email from your bank or credit card company. Open a new window and type in the URL to log in and access your account.

Both are good articles worth skimming. But nothing beats just keeping an eye out for suspicious activity.

I'm just saying.