Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life as Art

Sometimes, shopping is hard. MetaToddler was in a rather emotional mood today, but was a bit better after his nap and a snack. In a moment of...oh, I don't know...lunacy?...we went shopping. But we didn't go to Trader Joe's or some random mall. We went to Lakeshore. We went to a toy store.

He'd pick things up, put them down. Ignored me when convenient, acquiesced when indifferent. "Come here, have you seen this?" That usually got his attention. "Ooo...stuff I haven't seen!!" He'd scamper over curiously. Early on, he picked up something shaped like a shopping bag with a handle, and proceeded to carry it through most of the store. Until, that is, he came to a little play area. Ugh...that was our downfall. After a while, I had to tear him away crying. And it was nothing special. A sofa, chair, table, and plastic food, all of which he has ignored in the past. You just never know with an emotional toddler.

Oh well. We needed some paint supplies for him and a birthday gift for a friend. We got both. The paint supplies is a scary topic. I'm afraid to let him paint at home, so we've only done it in classes so far. But it's gotta happen eventually. He's gotta do all that "art" stuff. So, I got some paint, a set of no-spill jars & paintbrushes, and an apron. They carry several easels ranging from $29.99 for a tabletop version to $149.00 for a "Mobile Art Center." I'm going to check out IKEA first because they carry an easel for $19.99 and a 130 foot roll of drawing paper for $6.99. Of course, I'll need something to protect the floor. We don't have any sheets that I'm ready to part with, so I'll likely pick up a nice, heavy cotton drop cloth used by painters. I don't like plastic, PVC, or vinyl floor protectors as they're not environmentally friendly.

So, I hope he's in a better mood tomorrow. Much to do :-)