Sunday, May 18, 2008

A True Irish Lad

How do we know MetaToddler's got Irish blood?
  • When we ask him to say "da da," he says "da." As in "where's me da?" If you can't quite imagine it, just imagine Colin Farrel saying it.

  • MetaDaddy loves fish, but salmon rules in his kingdom. In fact, his entire family would happily eat salmon for three meals on any given day. When we've all gone out to dinner, you can tell those not in the original nuclear family because we're the only ones not eating salmon. It's truly entertaining.

    So MetaDaddy has some salmon spread that he eats on toast, and he's occasionally given some to our lad. One day, he gave him some, and MetaToddler started signing "more fish." He was not told it was salmon, just bread. But he knew. Oh, he knew. And the other day, we had salmon for dinner. It was wild (translation: pretty expensive), so I didn't get much. We gave him a bit, and he was ravenous to get more. He LOVED it!!

  • Fire engines in Ireland wail "mee maw, mee maw" when they're on route to an emergency call. MetaToddler now calls fire engines and other emergency vehicles "mee maw."

  • When daddy has a beer, guess who wants a taste?