Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mom's Breakfast Influences Baby's Sex

To me, it seemed to take forever before I finally got pregnant with MetaToddler. In reality, it didn't take that long. Six months isn't that long. But when you're somehow led to believe by media and such that getting pregnant is too easy, hardly difficult, every month seems to put your reality into question. A story this week on NPR about the clash between biology and culture for women with regards to parenthood only reminded me of this. Apparently, fertility for women peaks at about age 22. Seriously?!?

After doing some (a lot) of reading, I started to understand how normal a delay in getting pregnant was. But just to be sure, I figured I'd start eating better breakfasts. That is, I figured I should gain a couple of pounds. Just a couple, though!! I've never found cereal to be a good breakfast because I tend to get hungry an hour after eating it. So I opted for eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, toast, cream cheese, fruit, and so on. I couldn't tell you what I ate for sure, but I specifically remember making an effort to eat well in the morning. I wouldn't say it impacted my day in any significant way, but over the next couple of months I gained a couple of pounds and got pregnant. Coincidence? I certainly figured as much.

It's funny reading this recent article on how a mom's diet may influence baby's sex. I certainly would not have expected my diet to impact the sex of the baby. Then again, I take in all studies with a grain of salt.

I tried to think about my breakfasts around November, and I just can't remember. Much to the dismay of some friends and family, we're not going to find out the sex of the baby before it's born, so it's a wait and see game :-)


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

It's SO a girl. I know these things. :)