Thursday, May 22, 2008

Santa Monica: The Good, the Bad, and the Diva

Santa Monica's great, when it isn't being an overpopulated diva.

Things that have bugged me recently:
  • I went tour a preschool. A person in our group asked "I was told to come do the tour because we're trying to get pregnant. At what point can I actually apply?" Apparently, getting on the wait list in utero is not uncommon.
  • I parked on a street where the sign said something like *no parking from 7-2, except by permit.* This isn't uncommon. It's to discourage people from parking overnight unless they're residents. Well, that's how I read it, anyway. It turns out that it was 7AM to 2AM. WTF?!? Why not just say "No Parking." That's what they mean. I mean, who's going to park there from 2AM until 7AM? So, ya...I got a ticket. I'm not the first, and I'm not the last. It's how the city makes the gagillion dollars that it uses to fund the meter maids.
  • The local community college has a public parent & me swim class. It's a nice idea, except there are 40 spots for thousands of interested residents. At least that's what the most unhelpful employee told me. He couldn't have cared less about my questions, nor about my application. Apparently, just submitting the thing was an exercise in futility.
  • How much does an annual membership for a family membership to the YMCA cost in other places? Here? $900.
But on the bright side, cherries are in season at the farmers' market. The season is essentially mothers' day to fathers' day. And the peaches...oh, the peaches are marvelous. I haven't had a nectarine since last July, and I've been jonesing for one like you wouldn't believe. It turns out it was absolutely worth the wait.

And I heard on the radio the other day that the wait list for getting a pothole fixed in the city of Los Angeles is about 85 years. I kid you not. Here, if I call and complain about a street lamp on the blink, pothole, or any similar problem, it's usually fixed within a week. Big difference!!

Still, ugh.