Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MetaToddler Update

Went to the L.A. Zoo. He must have had a great time since even the extreme heat (~100F) didn't dampen his spirits. We saw elephants, gorillas, flamingos, and baa...um, I mean sheep. We didn't go around the whole zoo because it was too hot and I was melting. Besides, we bought a one-year membership, so we'll just pop on over every now and then to assure value for money. The kid loves animals!!

Guess who has a favorite new word. "Uh oh." He was in his crib settling for his nap, and the hiccups started. After every hiccup, "uh oh." We went to make photocopies of a book, and every time the machine scanned the page with it's green light, "uh oh." It got kind of old after 50 pages. Every time something drops, spills, or tumbles, "uh oh." It's still relatively cute, but...well...I can see it getting old soon.

Good old eagle-eye can spot a plane way in the distance, and that usually elicits a reaction. Much like his daddy. He loves signing "plane." MetaToddler, that is.

Besides salmon, which excites him well more than chocolate or other sweet thing, his current favorite food is this quinoa salad. I can't blame him. It's really quite tasty.

He won't say hi, or anything else to anyone that he's not pretty comfortable with. He will, however, say "bye bye." He'll say it to me, MetaDaddy, stuffed dolls, lamps, chairs, the car, fire trucks, strangers, and so on.

I send MetaDaddy messages every now and then on Yahoo IM. MetaToddler now calls the computer "da."

He knows how to sign "down," and it's his current favorite spoken and signed word. The minute we walk into his room in the morning or after his nap, "down." The minute we stop the car, the backseat driver says "down."